The Power of Good Wishes. * repost *

The Power of Good Wishes.   

When we give a birthday present or card we wish the person a beautiful day and wonderful year, and happiness always.  

We wish others well for a new job, exams,  a new endeavor, or even an operation or something difficult.  Because it is a kind and compassionate gesture.  It is the sheer love that I have in my heart for them to have the best outcomes in life.   It is the mark of a good human being, of good character, morals and ethics.   Also, it feels nice to make people smile.


What else would we do?

Now, there are times of hurt and pain. And these may have been caused by an individual, or several individual, recently or in the past where they have hurt us badly.   It may be a bit hard to have good wishes for these types of persons. 

The thing is……

If I react in a negative way to a person who is not nice to me, and I wish them ill, or I resent them, or I want them to have pay back  for hurting me, I create a negative karmic account for which I will have to pay later. 

An ill wish is not a good wish in-fact it is the opposite of good wish, it is a curse.  A curse on them and me, and this is not the person I want to be.  


It is important that  I release the hurt, and  I give them good wishes of love and kindness.  They are  also hurting, or confused and they are not operating from their highest good self.    I have often been in situations where I have experienced the most awfullest of words and actions.  Then, when I sit quietly in meditation, I am able to see clearly  in my silence.  I am able to conclude that, if they were in their senses there is no way they would say or do such things.  Even in the heat of the situation, you are able to have such feelings of compassion. 


This is the power of a daily meditation practice,  the power of practicing reflection and personal transformation.  You can reconcile bad behaviour and not let it disturb your peace.

Therefore, let me always wish everyone well.  May everyone be happy even those who hurt me. Let me be fully aware that any negative thought, word, feeling or action will lead me to have a negative karmic account with them and I will be paying that back later.  

I am responsible for the energy I put out.  The saying goes, where attention goes energy flows.  Make sure your energy, that is, yours thoughts, feelings, and words are always positive even in the darkest of situations.  We will attract the energy we give out.  Therefore, give out good vibes each and every day.

So every day in every situation have good wishes for all, and you will be sowing the seeds of good wishes and creating a  beautiful positive karmic account and you will reap the fruit of that.


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Meditation and the practise of silence, contemplation and reflection, will lead to a peaceful life.

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7 thoughts on “The Power of Good Wishes. * repost *

  1. This entire post speaks to me. You have no idea how this relates to me right now. Well, you do and thanks. I know I am responsible for the energy I put out and I felt bad because yesterday I reacted to a situation, been doing this a lot. Yesterday I aknowledged tht I was angry and I needed to say it out loud. So glad I found your post.

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