Thought for Today. Don’t let go of your happiness. Change, stock up.

No matter what the circumstances are, let go of the circumstances, but do not let go of your happiness.
Brahma Kumaris

It is worth pondering on this thought. There are many ways to contemplate this. But essential we must be happy regardless of the circumstances. This requires us to be full. Full of what? Money? Self esteem? A bank account of Contentment? A close relationship with God? Inner peace? Can we be happy even when we have nothing? Or have less?

What is the art of living with less?


If there is one thing covid-19 has taught us is what is essential in life. It is has made us wiser and frugal at the same time. With economies going into recession we need to be careful with our money now, we need to save and spend only on what is essential.


Above all no matter we must lose our happiness as challenging circumstances come our way. We need to change the way we live, the way spend money, the way we use electricity, gas, water, the amount of food we waste, and learn to take care of our things so they last longer.

But also we needed be frugal with our negative thoughts and habits. We need to up our positivity and inner peace. We need to do inner work and connect to the Divine to stock up on peace, love, wisdom, joy, discernment and all the positive qualities of the Soul.

I the Soul am eternal immortal, I lived many lives and will see much more. This body is just a tool for expression of the Soul. I am not my money, what I own, or this body. I am a Point of light. Of purity, peace, happiness and utter goodness.

We need to live wisely in a material way. But also wished in the way we think, the way we stay happy, the way remain stable in life’s challenges. We need build up a stock of Contentment in less is more. We need to recharge ourself, the Soul, with God’s love.


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14 thoughts on “Thought for Today. Don’t let go of your happiness. Change, stock up.

  1. Well said! I am glad I turned down a job because the bales didn’t align with mine. I feel good I let go of what I don’t want to welcome what I do want.

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  2. True words of not letting go of happiness. This COVID has really taught us how to be frugal and not waste money on anything but be happy and joyous with what we have. Let us all love and be kind with each and everyone as this is what our Soul really wants. Lovely post, Bella.

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