Sunday Thought on Happiness – Norman Vincent Peale

We often react when people speak to us badly. Then may be after a few minutes or hours we don’t feel nice about it.
A Fire-person doesn’t put out the fire with more fire. But they use water, foam, sand, or something that calms the situation down.

When I am full of self respect, it is easy for me to step away from a situation. It is not a defeat. It is maturity, wisdom to step away and be humble. Do Not let pain in your heart, but to step away.
I am a master of life if I step away and don’t get impacted.


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  1. That’s a good idea, to write all out all the rage until you get rid of it and tire yourself out. I am trying to learn to sleep on things too. Especially when sending emails. Don’t ever send an email without sleeping on it. Trust me. 👀

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  2. This is a really good point. I am someone who is horrible about picking battles and I always fight and regret it later. I need to be better about what hill I choose to die. I am trying to bring more peace into my life.

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    • Well done for recognising and wish you all the success with this change. You will achieve it. First sure.

      I tend to stay quiet in the heat of the situation. And if later I can drop seeds of thoughts to help impact a change, I do. But there are some situations where I stay quiet, journal,and do my best to forget and move on. I end up journaling a lot, and all those pages end up in the shredder after I have figured out what I need to do to keep my peace.

      There is this saying, “pick your battles”. But sometimes I think the best thing is to be quiet in some situation and with good wishes, things can change. I have experience.

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