Affirmation Product Giveaway (28th August 2020 – one day only).

At the end of May 2020 I created a digital product for £2.80 where you can get 15 affirmation in the form of a PDF. Click here to read that post.

Today, after celebrating a big birthday of mine last Sunday. I am would like to give away two PDF of the affirmations pdf to two of you. Below, is an example of one of the affirmation in the pack.

To enter the giveaway you need to

  1. Comment below why you like affirmation and how your life has changed through affirmation.
  2. How you practise affirmations. eg – I write the out 7 times, 3 times a day.
  3. What do you like about my blog.

How the Giveaway works

  1. I will randomly pick the winners from the top 20 best answers. I want to give this to those who really value affirmation and the power of affirmations.
  2. The Giveaway is open today Friday 28th August 2020 only. Closing 12pm midnight GMT.
  3. You need to be have following for more than 2 days.

All the best.


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18 replies

  1. Happy belated birthday dear Bella and today 28th is my husband’s birthday. All these positive affirmations doing them every single day helps us being in touch with ourselves and how we can then relate with each and everyone in our lives with joy and happiness. They are so good for our Soul and being who we really are.

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  2. I was never a believer in affirmations and used to think they were silly. But now that I’ve been coming here, I’ve tried them and they have really helped me. I have a very mean boss who yells all day long and I get very upset. Repeating affirmations to remind myself that I am okay, I have peace, I am more than my job, and she cannot hurt me, has helped me SO much. I say them when I walk to my office and when I’m at my desk. I have learned also to remind myself I have peace when she’s busy yelling at me.

    I love this blog because of the positivity and when you talk about writing.

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