What we think we manifest.

Every thought, word we think or speak we manifest. This is how affirmations work. Affirmation are positive statements.

However, the thoughts of pain, speaking to others of our pain will manifest even more pain.

Gossiping not only wastes time as we have done anything productive , it will manifest more negative events in our life.

Sharing our problems with others, is not halved. It will be doubled or multiplied by how many people we share it with, as they will think oh look at them.

Be mindful who you share your problems with. If you have to share then be sure they are a well wishers and won’t have negative thoughts towards to you and your situations.

Be careful of what you think as you manifest that without even sharing it to others. If you repeat that thought we send ourself negativity sometime in the future.

As much as possible have good wishes and pure feelings towards everyone in your life even those who are unkind towards you. Your life will change for better.

Create positive habits. What we repeat becomes a habit. Create positive habits.


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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

17 thoughts on “What we think we manifest.

  1. So so good Bella!

    Negative thoughts have the power to drain and drag us down but I agree they grow in strength even more when spoken and repeated again and again.

    I run from gossip like I’ve been burned if I get ambushed and do my best to avoid these people but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

    Great cautionary post ❣️🤗

    I’d love to hear more ideas on neutralizing gossip!!

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    1. Terri, I must say you are so wise. I think the best to neutralise gossip, or the want to speak negative when we have been hurt, is to have good and pure feelings towards the other. This can be hard.

      You are brilliant in avoiding gossip. I learnt this lesson later in life. But learnt it .

      It is so important to see good, do good, be good because then we only manifest the best for us. Call it law of attraction, Manifesting or karma ( as you sow so shall you reap), it is a deep life lesson that can change our whole life.

      I listen to raja yoga meditation teachings by Brahma Kumaris and they say make your character and manners like God. God is lovely, merciful, benefit to all, loves all his children aka every human being. Ie every soul. And he see the good of each child , each soul, each human being, I.e us. The goodness being peace,love, purity, wisdom and joy. Not anger, ego, greed, lust or attachment. Even if we his children defame him, god, and blame him for the negative in the world he still loves us and wants to up lift us. God is blamed for the terrible ness of life. But it our negative karma that leads us to reap the fruit of what we have down, not God, our father. He guides us to be good, kind, merciful and follow the right, honest and path of goodness and integrity. Of humanity and loving all.

      So we too have to see good in our fellow human being, our brother and sister. They are good inside, but they have the habit of negativity.
      I should always see the best, and not waste my energy and strength on negativity.

      So avoiding gossip is good for our life, and future.

      I dont know if this makes sense.

      Regards bella

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      1. Your response is wonderful. It’s educational and inspiring. You always share ways to clear the negative and harness positive energy with your blog incantations and meditations. It’s a true act of love & kindness❣️

        I gravitate towards positive input because I believe as you do our thoughts and emotions attract like thoughts and emotions. I was surrounded by gossip in my 20s and it was such bad energy I was compelled to avoid or diffuse it. ⚡️

        Great post Bella!

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  2. You are right, we do not need to manifest any more pain / ill health but need to talk …. especially we are encouraged to discuss Mental health issues. Better shared they say. I share on paper in the form I am happiest with when It is out of me, I burn it and in my head say ‘thank you for its removal, show gratitude to the universe for my good health and well being. I hope this conjures up less negative
    manifestation than if it was spoken aloud. This is my hope at least. Thank you for opening up the discussion. 😘

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