Thought for Today Inspired Jim Rohn

I love a good quote. Today on my Instagram feed I was inspired by this quote. It was shared by

Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better

Jim Rohn

In life we will always be faced with situations that force us to grow.  Instead of wishing it didn’t come, rise up and win the situation in a number of baby steps. 

If we don’t change in time, life forces us to change.

Always use every second of the day to improve yourself from littlest of task to the big tasks. Then when situations come you will be ready.


For example – 1) struggling to get out of bed on time. Make it your goal for the month (30) days to get out of bed on time and have a shower.

2) Can’t get up in mornings part 2. Prepare clothes to wear night before. Prepare work bag night before. Etc. Again do for the (30 ) days

3) Don’t like dish washing. Listen to a song, podcast, or audio book and finish the washing nicely, with interest and professionalism. Keep doing this for next 30 days.

4) Get annoyed by people. For next 30 days look for something good in them

From my Instagram feed

Enjoy making yourself a better person, each second of each day.


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3 thoughts on “Thought for Today Inspired Jim Rohn

  1. Profound quote by Jim Rohn, Bella and yes we have to get out of our laziness and persevere in doing whatever we do not like to do. I too listen to my Meher Baba songs when I am cooking for almost two hours in the kitchen. Feels so nice and relaxed and I too sing along. Lovely post. Thanks.

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