Life Update ..

I have not been myself lately. Since end of July.

My first book , first draft didn’t get completed in July, in fact it has reached a block since my last update in July.

I haven’t been able to write a word for my book. And struggling to blog.

Life for of us globally upside down.

I have now been without a job for a year. It has got to me a bit. But, so have other things in life.

Disappointed in the NHS and it’s inconsistent GP services across different borough’s. Unable to sleep. Zero confidence in the NHS taking care of my mum. Covid-19 has broken so much. Return to normal seems light years away. Winter begins. Night get darker faster.

I have not been myself lately.

Working on snapping myself out of this ….. I don’t know what this is. I seen a lot of pain in life and I have always blossomed afterwards.

So I will continue to kick myself into gear.

and I hope it reflects in my blog and writing.

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38 thoughts on “Life Update ..

    1. Re my mum, no not really getting what she needs. Covid has messed so much up.

      My book, definitely not an autobiography. No way! Lol. Who would wanna read my autobiography…
      It will be non fiction, self help, along the lines of my blog. I got two ideas at the moment.

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  1. Dear sweet Bella. ❤️🤗

    Yes the world continues to be turned upside down and this makes everything seems unfamiliar and uncomfortable.Say what you feel about it. Scream it. “This sucks! “

    It’s hard to do for yourself what you do for so many others with your blog but you know you’ll manage this “stage” and once through it, you’ll be different, evolved because you grew. You’ll no longer be the same Bella.

    I love all the loving and wise sentiments in the comments. So I echo them…be gentle during this time and hold on with love. Make self-care THE priority. #SelfLove

    In times like these I do my best to embrace the emotions for whatever they are instead of resisting and find the next step. Sometimes we only need time to be still so we can know ourselves better. ❤️❤️🤗

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    1. Thank you for your wise words, and support.

      I gotta go with the flow which ever way. And a new bella will emerge. And blog posts will emerge from this too. I always write from experience or experiment.

      I am feeling a tiny bit better. I think we all get a few bumps on the road of life, and that experience is what I write about. How I win over it.

      No ones life is bump free ..
      It is all good, but sometimes you have to hit a semi low to rise up again.🤔😑🙄😏😒☺😊🙃🙂🤣

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      1. Oh yes Bella. For sure!!!

        It happens when I‘ve gotten into a good groove and then, evidently, it’s time to grow in new ways and things just shift! It’s like driving into fog. I’m caught off guard when this happens and left asking if I wasn’t on right track and confused which way to go next.

        I desperately cling to quiet time so I can get still and wait for the fog to clear. And sometimes I just need to wallow in the confusion❣️🤣😂

        You KNOW deep down it’s all pulling you in the right direction. It’s hard for everyone to see clearly in the middle of the fog 😉


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  2. Bella, I learned about you through your super video explaining WP’s new editors. You have many talents that will hold you in good stead. How about another video?

    And you have the tools with meditation to reach equanimity once more. I am thinking of you with loving kindness. This down period will pass.



    1. Aww Annie, that is so sweet of you to say. I really don’t know what is stopping me from doing another training video.

      I feel as I am being to snap out of the blip. And I hope I will be back to videos and more.

      And I have the tools to help me get out of the rut as you say. And It all beginning to work.

      I should be back in the swing soon i hope.


  3. Take time to take care yourself, dear Bella. Remember what you have done to people so far will turn into a blessing for you. Just last weekend I joined a workshop and your meditation commentary was shared in that worshop. Hugs.

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      1. Me again. Thank you for confirming. I felt it had to be BK as these meditation I share are created by the BK’s not me. I follow the BK’s and we often say these blips of life are our test papers. I have been meditating for a few years. Life always forces us to clear out the old and often that process makes us feel a bit at beginning and middle. But at the end once it is cleared we are free to clear more stuff😊.

        I hope you liked the workshop.

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  4. I am so sorry to hear this dear Bella. Please take care of yourself and do not crumble. We are all there for you and try to keep yourself busy with what you always like. Things will improve. Be gentle and loving towards yourself and feel free to talk to us or write to us. Many are going through rough times but do your meditation and read books and see movies on YouTube of spiritual masters who will really help you cope up. Do take care Bella you sure can. Love and light to you.


  5. I’m sorry to hear about this. I prescribe your own medicine for you. I think we all go through these funks when we can’t do a thing. Sometimes I think just going through the motions can help tide us over until we get back to ourselves again. So when I feel like I have total writer’s block, I just make sure to write something every day, even if it’s just some boring paragraph about my day, and it keeps my habit going until I start getting ideas again.

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  6. My dear, so sorry to hear all these trouble on your way. Your posts are always welcome to me, it’s comforting to know they will be here. Hope you have some light shining on your path, winter is tough, it’s like all the problems double in size. You are strong and you will settle your mind.

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