Life Update ..

I have not been myself lately. Since end of July.

My first book , first draft didn’t get completed in July, in fact it has reached a block since my last update in July.

I haven’t been able to write a word for my book. And struggling to blog.

Life for of us globally upside down.

I have now been without a job for a year. It has got to me a bit. But, so have other things in life.

Disappointed in the NHS and it’s inconsistent GP services across different borough’s. Unable to sleep. Zero confidence in the NHS taking care of my mum. Covid-19 has broken so much. Return to normal seems light years away. Winter begins. Night get darker faster.

I have not been myself lately.

Working on snapping myself out of this ….. I don’t know what this is. I seen a lot of pain in life and I have always blossomed afterwards.

So I will continue to kick myself into gear.

and I hope it reflects in my blog and writing.


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38 thoughts on “Life Update ..

  1. I’m sorry to hear about this. I prescribe your own medicine for you. I think we all go through these funks when we can’t do a thing. Sometimes I think just going through the motions can help tide us over until we get back to ourselves again. So when I feel like I have total writer’s block, I just make sure to write something every day, even if it’s just some boring paragraph about my day, and it keeps my habit going until I start getting ideas again.

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  2. My dear, so sorry to hear all these trouble on your way. Your posts are always welcome to me, it’s comforting to know they will be here. Hope you have some light shining on your path, winter is tough, it’s like all the problems double in size. You are strong and you will settle your mind.

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