Thought for Today – Embrace the Detours of Life

Embrace the detours of life. See the opportunity in the detour. Maybe it is what you needed to expand and grow.

Life will throw us curve balls.

Life will force us to change.

We can either remain stuck and angry.

Or we can see the opportunity in the detour / the change.

There is benefit in everything, even that painful situation. Every situation in life is an opportunity grow wiser, brighter, maturer, more fun-loving, more adventures, more capable, more self reliant and more resilient.

Even if we don’t like what is happening to us and our life. There is a benefit in it. It may takes us time to see it, but there is a benefit. There a change that needs to happen in us and the Universe is sweetly asking us to see and embrace the detour.

We are all uniques not to be compared. Therefore, success is unique. There are core values as human being and society should uphold. But, success and happiness is unique. A flash car and flash this that and the other might be success and happiness for person A, but for you that might not be the case.

There is benefit in every detour, every forced change in life. Don’t remain stuck. Embrace the detour and see the benefit in life. When we open ourself up to see the benefit of everything we begin to see benefit rather than pain. I wrote a post on seeing the benefit click here to read.

Life will always challenge us.

Life will never stay the same.

The waves of the ocean, the boat of your life needs to adjust accordingly, finding balance, happiness and contentment in each chapter or season of life. When we look for beauty we begin to see beauty. When all we see is the pain we attract pain.

Trust that life will unfold and everything will turn out for the best.


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