On the Anniversary of September 11 – Let us be instruments of peace and goodness.

Today, September 11, is an anniversary of the terrible acts in 2001.

A reminder of how low human beings can go to hurt one another.

A reminder of lost loves ones.

A reminder of all heroic acts of the day by emergency services and the common man.

A reminder… that.

No matter how bad the actions of others, we must never let go of our beauty, our peace, our goodness, our humanity, our virtues, our reasoning l, our kindness and compassion.

We must not hate and loose our peace. We must not let revenge, dislike, or hate make us monsters. Like those who did this. We must always be higher, wiser, calmer, otherwise there is no difference between them and myself.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind


We must always be send love, light and peace to the world.

The invisible law of karma applies to all human beings. No one can escape it. If not this birth then a birth. As we sow so shall we reap, be that a good act or a bad act. So always be the higher and good person.

Lord makes us instruments of your peace… Where there is hatred let your love increase.  A beautiful song, prayer.

Make your heart beautiful and share it with the world especially today.  NEVER let Hatred ruin your beauty. Stay beautiful and peaceful.

I share this beautiful song and wise words. Always keep your heart good no matter the evil of this world. Always be good.


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  1. I cry every year for those who died and how utterly frightening their deaths must have been.. And for their families. I always reflect on my beliefs and what their outcomes would be if taken to the limits the way the hijackers took their beliefs to the limit.. Beliefs have to come from a pure source.

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  2. Very well said, Bella and yes we must all remember this day when there was so much bloodshed and so many innocent people lost their lives. But there is goodness too and let us not forget that. Our world is full of positivity and negativity but let positivity rein supreme and let us all love each other instead of hating and fighting for what in this world where nothing exists.

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