Always do right – Mark Twain

“Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.”

Mark Twain
Quote Mark Twain

It is not difficult to do what is right? We know what is right and most of us do it. Yet we may observe others twist what is wrong to make it look right because the majority is doing the wrong thing; therefore, if the majority is doing it; it must be right – right?

If we sit on our conscience too many times. We kill our goodness, our ability to discern right from wrong and our intuition becomes that much weaker. Wrong becomes right and a new habit is set.

Always do what is right and good, for your own goodness of character. Always be proud to what is right. Don’t grow your ego, be humble and do right.

You will feel peace and feel gratified that you did right. And may be your courage to do right in a world that finds it all too easy to wrong, will inspire others to do right.

Let you life be an example of all things good and right.

Quote Mark Twain

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22 thoughts on “Always do right – Mark Twain

    1. I think we are inclined to do the right thing. Especially children. But as we get older and life hits, we may actually start to do the wrong thing.

      But I think most human beings are good. But at times we do little things that aren’t right. And if we don’t nip that in the bud it grows. And we then teach children that.. Then habits are created.

      If a habit is strong then we are on automatic pilot. The issue is our intellect has lost the power to discern and lost the courage to do the right thing. We follow the crowd even if the crowd is wrong. We are in a world of duality. But inherently we human beings are good, but we forget to practise that from time to time. Is my humble opinion.

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    2. In fact we human beings are good. But it is rebirth that makes fall down. The human soul, is peace , love , purity, joy , wisdom . These are the original qualities of the soul. Then in time we gain, anger, greed, attachment, lust and ego. Then instead of using the good we use the negative and create a strong habit. But we can turn it around we can it is a choice.

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      1. I definitely think you are right about the need to cultivate the habits of goodness. I do think you’re more optimistic than I am, though. I just look at the world and see so much abuse and crime against one another.

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      2. Yes, there is so much abuse, crime, and so many horrendous acts. And there definitely isn’t any good in that. One can only send good wishes to those who do wrong to wake up and realise what they are doing. And they get caught by law.

        I guess I wrote this post not at such a deep level. Such crimes against humanity are just a different level. That is a much deeper topic. That is were the intellect of some and the company they keep is so low that they can’t see what they do is so wrong. They are in their mind doing the right thing as their view point of the world is twisted. I think we can only pray they see, realise and change.

        But there are plenty good people in the world. Keeping the world good.

        I think we all vibrate energy in the world and that impacts us all. I say vibrate good and positivity, that it may turn a stone into compassion.

        The point of this post is that I should do right no matter what. For I can only change me. It might be that my example may influence others to be good too.

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      3. Yes, you’re right about the vibrations of good energy and positivity. You can really feel the difference in the air. I find myself a little more conscious of my own negativity and I try to have positive energy around people I don’t want to bring down.

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