Always do right – Mark Twain

“Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.”

Mark Twain
Quote Mark Twain

It is not difficult to do what is right? We know what is right and most of us do it. Yet we may observe others twist what is wrong to make it look right because the majority is doing the wrong thing; therefore, if the majority is doing it; it must be right – right?

If we sit on our conscience too many times. We kill our goodness, our ability to discern right from wrong and our intuition becomes that much weaker. Wrong becomes right and a new habit is set.

Always do what is right and good, for your own goodness of character. Always be proud to what is right. Don’t grow your ego, be humble and do right.

You will feel peace and feel gratified that you did right. And may be your courage to do right in a world that finds it all too easy to wrong, will inspire others to do right.

Let you life be an example of all things good and right.

Quote Mark Twain

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