Thoughts on – Heaven and Hell.

Heaven is a place on earth.

Hell is a place on earth.

The difference being, in heaven we human beings are in harmony. And in hell we are in disharmony.

If we wish heaven to come, then we human beings have to return to harmony in the finest of details. Love all cultures, all genders, love all. Be kind always. Be in our highest goodness all the time.

If I change my world changes.

If you want heaven on earth, then make the change. And if enough of us make a change then heaven will come.

When I the Soul, aka the “being” of human being am at my highest; And there is critical mass then we will bring heaven closer to us.

If it is too much to be our best, then in this hell we remain!

It is a choice and an action to transform and change.

It is in all our hands

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21 thoughts on “Thoughts on – Heaven and Hell.

  1. It’s very wise words – whether heaven or hell I think people can view the same earth in different ways.

    I choose love, positivity and supporting others because when I was negative, seeing the worst in others and bitter at others success I was unhappy all the time.

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