Now I Send You Good wishes

Hate is sent my way. I get hurt and stay hurt.
Any negative vibration sent my way, is now diffused with a powerful wave of good wishes towards the negativity. wishing you peace, love, wisdom and happiness.

I set myself free. I set you free. I let go.

Lesson learnt.

I have been practicing good wishes for a long time and I have seen relationships change. My response change. My hurt lessen. My power to let go increase and move on faster. A person may hate me my whole life, but my heart no longer accepts, or register the hate. But instead I send love to them freeing them and me from whatever negative bondage there is.

It works and it is so freeing.

Try it.

Wishing you well. With love from


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14 thoughts on “Now I Send You Good wishes

    1. Ahh thank you. What I have learnt about life is that. You can happily go about life minding your business etc and someone develops a chip on their shoulder and you have no clue why..

      Life has so many test paper that aren’t even instigating by oneself.

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