Compare yourself only with yourself.

We are UNIQUE we are not the same. Therefore, always compare yourself with yourself.

Don’t forget to see what you have accomplished on a regular basis, without ego or arrogance pat yourself on the back.

Look at what you want to change within yourself. You may take inspiration from others; but do it without comparing and without lowering your self worth

We are unique we are not meant to be the same. However, this is not an excuse to be lazy, rude, or anything negative.

We are on this earth to be our best in any given circumstance. So be your best. And enjoy your best efforts, use them to inspire you to do more.


ยฉ 2021 all rights reserved

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  1. I truly appreciate this post and your powerful words. Very important reminder. I may deny any tendency of comparison, yet the lowering of self-worth seems to sneak in โ€ฆor perhaps ever present for me to keep diligently working on.

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