Focus on the good that happened in the day no matter how tiny

There is too much to be disturbed by, unhappy about, discontented by, hopeless, fed up, tired, sad, mad… etc

Keep life simple.

Every day look for the good in the smallest of things. Make a list of them.

for example

  • They let me go first in the queue
  • I let someone go before me
  • I did a good deed
  • I had a warm bath
  • Nice food
  • The task went well
  • They were so nice
  • I got up on time
  • I was really organised
  • the food I made was excellent
  • I got it right, first time
  • Etc…

Each time you go negative remember the good things of the day, no matter who tiny.

If you had a reason to smile today, focus on that, not the reason that made you sad.

If you had a reason to be happy remember that when a sad thing happens.

Turn the negative of the today into positive, by using the positive of the day.

Remember what you have. Love what you have, no matter how tiny.

Lastly, some people will just be that way. Accept, let go, remember the good of the day and wish the other well.

Try it and comment below how your experiments went.


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23 thoughts on “Focus on the good that happened in the day no matter how tiny

    1. Today is one of my days I volunteer. I did something new there and I meditated as I always do. I see the beauty of giving freely and happily no expectation. On arriving home we had a parking issue as we neighbours with multiple cars and are a bit selfish. But I got a parking, so I said to myself keep my happiness of the morning, don’t get side tracked by the neighbours.

      So that is what makes me smile.

      I am now listening to a positive lecture on Soul consciousness, and the 7 to 8 i will meditate.
      Grateful for some leftovers to eat for dinner.

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  1. Love your post, suggestions, love the list you created! I live that way for long, then lose it, then find it again… sometimes hurt that ‘they’ don’t get it, then find myself again while in gratitude for all the little things and big blessings πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts. Agree make everything a blessing.

      I think we all have our up and down. I am really making efforts to “do not disturb ‘ on my feelings. and just stay happy, peaceful. There is too much in a day that can unhinge the good of the day. I send good wishes to others and situations that hurt, I let go, keep my peace. And the next level would be not to get unhinged in the first place, be peaceful and laugh it off. That is what I have achieved very rarely but want to be more in that place. 😊

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