Detached and Loving.

In the event of an emergency put your oxygen mask on first before helping another.

When I am strong I can Help another.

If I am stuck in the quicksand I can not save the other who is also stuck in the quicksand. I need to be out of the quicksand to be able to help.

This is what it means to be detached and loving. If I am attached to something, my attachment stops me from helping, as I get pulled down by the situation. But if I am internally strong I can help others.

Why is this useful?

We can get caught up in hurt, pain, arguments, ego, many negative things. These stop me from being positive in my outlook on life, nice in my interaction, and stops me from being mercyful on myself and others. It helps me maintain my goodness and have compassion towards others.

The best example of this is Jesus on the cross , when he says “father forgive them for they know what they do”. Loving and detached.

How do I becoming loving and detached?

Inner work. Meditation daily helps us break away from the negative. Reframing our ways of thinking. Looking for good in everything. Awareness of your trigger. Awareness helps you to stop the negative path and then you choose a positive path.


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15 thoughts on “Detached and Loving.

  1. Again true and motibating words. Sometimes itΒ΄s really not easy to keep on the detached and loving path. But if you are able to do it and after the negative moments, you recognize that you chose the right decision. A nice day to all.

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