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I share a different type of meditation commentary. Who are you without your roles, labels and connections? What is free will, or rather what the consequences of free will? Is my life an outcome of luck or an outcome of free will? My choices, my actions do they determine my today and tomorrow? Or is it magic or dark magic they creates the upset in my life? Or is it me and my choice.

I believe we are Souls, eternal, points if light, in this body to play a part. Our true qualities are peace, love, purity, joy, wisdom, truth, goodness etc. And it is our free will our choice that brings good or bad into our life. The law of attraction, or karma.

This is a beautiful meditation to contemplate life, spirituality and more. I hope you enjoy.

This meditation commentary is from release your wings youtube channel. Not my creation. Created by students of raja yoga meditation click here to find out more about raja yoga meditation it is all free of charge.

We are Souls not this body.  A point of immortal light,  seated in the middle of the  forehead, in between the eyes.  Learn to be your true extraordinary self.

Daily meditation will certainly make you extra ordinary and life become really peaceful.


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  1. Thank you very much for this. I really did feel very peaceful listening to it. I realized it was hard for me to think of who I am outside of my personal relationships. But I felt blissful thinking of being in God’s presence, which strengthens me to return to my daily life more mindfully.

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