Sunday Blessing- Be Unshakeable and Immovable

Blessing: May you be unshakeable and immovable

Always have faith in yourself and the divine,  never become afraid or fluctuate in the face of a difficult situation.

When you build up your stock of resilience, meditation,  calmness, contentment, simplicity and maturity, no  storm will shake you.   Because within you, you  hold a bank balance full of tolerance, flexibility, adaptability,  the ability to connect to the divine and draw his energy any time, a stock of contentment, calmness, humility and a firm faith in your ability to handle it all.

When you hold the hand of the Divine, you can handle it,   You can handle it ,  when you feed yourself positive and calm thoughts each and every day.

Then those difficult situations become, it is  a game for you, to see how stable you remain, or if you need to do more work.  All the pre-work of making yourself full of positivity and calmness, building your reserves helps you in these situations.

Then you become unshakeable and immovable.   Immovable is not a reference to being stubborn, it is a reference you inner stability, your calmness, your wisdom to know what is right and wrong and having the courage to stay on the right side no matter what.

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