Set The Intention of Peace -Daily

Can I remain Peaceful?

Is my peace dependent on outside circumstances?

The middle of the storm is the safest place.

Peace is my rest point.

Peace is the middle of the storm.

Peace is my choice.

Peace is created through regular silence, contemplation, meditation, choosing to let the need to be right go, accepting others and things, tolerating all aspects of life and people, letting go, forgiving and just being quiet. When I do this daily it becomes a habit and my life changes for the better.


If someone insults me in big or small way, can I remain peaceful inside and out? This is choosing to remain peaceful, to be tolerant even wise. It is picking my battles. Often our ego needs to speak and say. But, when I choose peace I let go and start to live a serene life.

It is my ego that gets hurt.

It is wisdom to let go.

It is wisdom to know, that if someone thinks you are ‘x’, no amount of you speaking will make them think you are ‘y’.

They say actions speak louder than words. Be peaceful inside and out.


The more peaceful you are the more tranquil your life will be. The clearer the water of your life will be. Your reflection will be clearer and your self transformation into a calm, stable, peaceful person will gain ground.

Infact your humility grows.

You become internally strong.

Being tolerant, calm, wise become natural.

The world may not see you as strong. But that is where we fall. If the glasses of another are dirty they will not see your goodness. It is not your fight to prove your goodness. Be you. Be peaceful anyway. Work to be the best version of you always. Pick the higher ground. Do good regardless. Be peaceful regardless. See your life change.

Too much energy is lost in proving. Just be peaceful inside and out.

See your life change.

See your inner world become your strength.

And always sit with the Divine and refine yourself.

Then no turmoil in life can upset. For I the eternal Soul, play a part in this world drama stage. I am a being of peace. Peace is my religion, my virtue, my quality and my strength. Peace, silence, are my guides, my power.

I am a being of peace and light. The Divine recharges the battery of the Soul through meditation, through love and remembrance.

The greatest gift is to be peaceful, let go, stay calm, and enjoy becoming the best version of you. With regular meditation and connection to the Divine the source of peace I am recharged. Life becomes peaceful even if there is a storm.

Contemplate life. Your day. See where you did well and where there is need to improve. Enjoy your self transformation into a powerful, peaceful Soul, that shines the light of peace always.

Be peaceful, be safe, be well, be happy.

Live a blessed life regardless of the turmoil of life

Life becomes calm and peaceful only when I am calm and peaceful. It is my response, my reaction, my choice, my responsibility to be calm.

Let me be a vibrations of peace and calmness in my life always. Let me be a fragrant flower of peace. Let me influence the world through my peace.

See your world change when you make being peaceful, calm, and serene your first response to all aspects of life.

There is no protection, no shield, no armour, no safety that is greater than my inner peace. The calm in a stormy life. In the middle of the storm there is calm. I am untouch.

Stay peaceful and practice it daily. And just see , just see the magic in your life.

Nothing can disturb you. Nothing.


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8 thoughts on “Set The Intention of Peace -Daily

  1. A lovely post, Bella. So much truth here. I love where you write about, what I read in your post, the ego’s continuous hunger for more, for rightness, and to look good. Yet, we let go of wisdom and our inner-peace when we follow that path. Excellent post, as always. 🙂

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