A Weekend of Release from the Pain, worry, and fear for so many.

I sit in UK watching the American election unfold. Though it isn’t official, the Biden – Harris win is a heart breaking and a historic event.

A historic event for the first woman VP, first VP of colour. It is a healing moment for America and maybe for us in the rest of the world.

It is a moment of release of so much pain and anguish. The ability to live Freely in the ” land of the free”.


I wish Joe Biden and Kamala every success in uniting America and also for being a good friend to the rest of the world. Their task is hard both domestically and internationally. I don’t fully get the USA democracy, though I have spent sometime trying to understand it this weekend. I wish them all the success and that the congress/ the house listen opening and allow them to do what is good for the country and it’s people and the world.

I share this clip as it is so touching and release of pain is heart breaking. I pray for the whole world; peace, harmony, unity, respect, compassion and humanity in all that we do. And I pray no one feels such pain in a democratic country, well any country. But, we know there is so much pain and unfairness in every country. But still I pray.


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10 thoughts on “A Weekend of Release from the Pain, worry, and fear for so many.

  1. It’s a time for healing in my country, that will help the rest of the world too.. Democracy must be kept alive. Keeping thoughts positive and exhaling from the last 4 years of outrageously aggressive hate speech like no other time. My country is relieved 🙏 Thank you my friend for your loving sentiments❤

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  2. For sure a weekend of release from pain, worries and fear with the coming of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. This will be good for USA and for the whole world where democracy will reign supreme. The video was so heart touching, Bella. There has to be humanness and not all this dictatorship.

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