The different chapters of life.

Dream , do, achieve.


Again and again.

There are many chapters in our life.

I have lived so many. I have achieved success, I have meet my dreams and I am content.

Now I realise we have no further dreams. And yet I still have many years to live. Many chapters to be written and told

In all the trials and tribulations there have been great Joy’s and great pains.

And now there seems to be no dream, no plan, no aim. A new way of living. A day to day way of living. Not something I am used too, but it is what is called for in this chapter or chapters of life.

I take moments daily or weekly to come up with a plan, a dream for the rest of my life; but I am reminded, this chapter of my life needs me to be unplanned and just day to day.

I see inspiration everywhere. I try to implement in my life. I have succeed and achieve so much. Life is good. Life is well. Life is different. And there is growth in this day to day life.

And I recognise this time has some benefit for me. I have a great learning to do. A great change, a great growth, and deeper realisation. This time is giving me that.

Though I struggle to let go of my old life. The old life gave a lot pain but I had so much success, and in the pain I achieved so much.

This day to day life is beautiful. It is giving me space. But it isn’t a life I am used to. I am adapting haphazardly. It is a struggle. I like some days and others I am pained by it. And this pain is not allowing me to be my best.

If there is a plain and the plan is to be my best regardless of my life circumstances.

It is a funny life , a funny chapter, a day to day life. I know I craved for a quieter life. The universe has given me what I asked for. Life is good. But…

I hope I figure out how to live this chapter and take full benefit of it.

Our life is our making our choice. It requires growth, flexibility and adaptability. It may be fast, it might slow down. It might require you to become another version of you. But it is all good. This pandemic teaches something that life is more that what we lived pre-pandemic. There is a depth to life and the person I want to be. This is my chance to become and develop into a new me in this chapter of life. A new me a new chapter a new life.

This is a bit of random post expressing my current confusion of my life. A letter to me. A journal entry. Or just randomness.


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17 thoughts on “The different chapters of life.

  1. there is growth in this day to day life – this is a seemingly simple yet very profound statement. There is so much unlearning of patterns involved to find true ways of being in every day life. Habit is a strong force at work. Even when we get what we want, habit interferes assuming comfort. It indeed takes being and being present continually to settle in to any newness of goodness. That’s where we are called to put to practice all that we learn and read. Wish you ease and joy.

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  2. I can only admire your honesty and your ability to share your inner thoughts with strangers. Confusion is the word that envelops everything. Even the universe must be worried. I hope you will be back to your old-self soon.


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