Happy Diwali and New Year

The story of Ram and Sita, goodness versus evil, the light of day, the festival of light, the return..

The lighting of earthenware candles

Photo by Nikita Khandelwal on Pexels.com

One could say

The light of I the Soul, the being in the phrase Human Being.

The light being I the Soul whose eternal qualities of peace , purity, happiness, joy, wisdom, love, kindness, compassion are being re-ignite. From the darkness of greed, ego, anger, lust, attachment, etc.

Where I see solutions to all problems.

Where I get up, get up, and get up again

Where I tolerate inside and out.

Where I forgive and let go instantly.

Where I shine bright

Where my peace and purity sheds light on others and myself.

Where my goodness is there to be seen far and wide.

Where I am ethical, moral, of character, of honesty, truth and transparency.

There is never the thought of cheating, lying, fooling, or deceiving.

The light of goodness

The light that is enlightened by the Divine’s light. That is recharge by the Divine ‘s goodness. And protected by the Divine.

A light that shines bright, with goodness and honesty. Love and harmony. Trust and faith. Honesty and loyalty. Strength and clarity.

Be the light in your life and others. Be good. Be honest. Be humble. Be wise. Be strong. Be honest. Be faithful. Be truthful. Be moral. Be good. Be good. Be good. Be good. Be good for your sake and others, be good.

Return to your goodness. Return to your light.

Wishing you all a happy diwali and a happy new year ( nutan varshabhinandan).

Photo by Rahul Pandit on Pexels.com

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