Shine Like the Diamond You Are! Wear Your Crown of Self Respect Everyday!

There will always be situation that come to test us.


A diamond that is just mined is rough.   It has to be cut and polished to shine.


Therefore, when life knocks you , remember you are becoming a shining diamond, and these are just test that make you shine brighter.   They are making my character stronger, they are make me capable, more wiser, more resourceful,  they strengthening my faith in the Divine and my capacity.

Keep shining like the diamond you are.


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19 thoughts on “Shine Like the Diamond You Are! Wear Your Crown of Self Respect Everyday!

  1. Beautiful thoughts..Shine like a diamond, be like a precious diamond.For that only one thing we need to do is keep up the uniqueness.Never change the identity for anyone.It’s equal to losing oneself..

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    1. Yes it is equal to losing ourself. But also having courage, patience, determination to keep going when life is tough. Because the raw uncut diamond has to go through so much before it is beautifully shining. As in our life.

      Thank you for reading and commenting

      Liked by 2 people

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