Thoughts on Manifesting A Positive Outcome

Victor Frankly wrote a book called Man’s Search for Meaning. Victor is a survivor of the concentration camps. The book is worth reading. Imagine the strength of those who survived.

In his books explained that some died before they reached actual gas chamber. Fear makes us die before the horrible event. Yet, those who said I will survive, did indeed survive. Because of their single determined thought, that they repeated with full positivity and belief.

Fear is negative and it attracts the thing we fear.

We all know the law of attraction, we attract what we think. So be positive. Fear will make your immune system weak.

Say, I am perfectly healthy and safe, and so to is everyone else. This will manifest health.

Don’t let fear rule you. Don’t, read too much into the statistics. Define your own outcome. Defy the statistic, by a single positive thought, that is repeated and manifested.

We are stronger than any virus. Just keep positive, and keep your thoughts and heart positive.

We are healthy, we are taking safety physical measures. Most of all keep your mind and thinking positive. Fear weakens your immune system. Limit your time watching the news, watch daily to be updated but then stop watching it. And don’t forget to meditate daily.


Stay positive it will keep you strong. Manifest positivity. Manifest Health.

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16 thoughts on “Thoughts on Manifesting A Positive Outcome

  1. That book and Viktor Frankl’s quotes have literally taken me through some treacherous times. Such powerful inspiration. I agree with you – fear is a slow killing toxin that squeezes out any joy possible. Self love and positive thoughts are the antidote. Your post is so uplifting.

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  2. Very inspiring and energy giving.

    True, fear kills, it weakens our health and robs us of peace. You’ve said it well, we attract what we fear. Replacing it with hope and faith overcomes the fear. Thank you

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