6 things people don’t understand – By Oprah via Evan Carmichael

I share another video by Evan Carmichael. I do love his YouTube video.

I have done a little summary of some of the points in the video.

  1. Earn Success – Success doesn’t happens instantly. You got to work at. It is a process and it takes hours of work. Every day make choices- is this is the right move, what is the next right move. There are 10,000 hours of hard work behind each success
  2. Find a way to serve – we all have something to give to the world. Learn to give your gift.
  3. Align yourself with your dreams – Figure out what your dream is and make it happen. The dream will not come to you. Make your energy, create your energy so that it is aligned to your dream.
  4. Be yourself – Figure out how to be yourself.
  5. Put out Positive – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction . The golden rule, what you put out comes back to you. I personally call this Karma.
  6. Fill Your Cup – Everything in your life has to make you rise and becoming better. If you don’t fill your cup you are running on empty. Make yourself whole and rise to life’s difficulties.

I have personally written many blog post about seeing the benefit in all things, being positive, karma and recharging ourselves (aka filling our cup). The reason I share these things is, that is where I feel we lose our energy and our hope. These are the key to happiness, contentment and balance. And this is what we have the most control over in our life. I can only change myself. I can only work on myself. I can not change another – therefore, I am forced to work on myself. And when you work on yourself – life becomes lovely. Even hard times become fun, a game. Because success is the inner work, filling your cup, being you , being positive, living your life nicely and in harmony.

I hope you enjoy the video and it inspires you to dream and fill your cup.


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