A rainbow of many colours

Upon this earth we stand, we play, we act, we interact with our fellow human beings, with  nature and the with animal kingdom.  Such diversity exists on our beautiful planet, do we ever stop on a normal day to appreciate its beauty?  Or do we only appreciate the beauty of variety whilst on safari in ‘The Mara’, or when we are surrounded by the beauty of ‘Kew’ Gardens?


The world is so diverse, so many species of flowers,  insects, and animals,  yet we humans are one global family  a coat of many colors.  A seed of primrose flower is a seed of primrose, but there is a variety of colors in the world of primroses.   In the same, the seed of us humans is the soul, that takes residence in a body,  of which there are diverse colors.


The world of us souls is pure, peaceful and silence, and that is why we crave for it so.   We come down from the soul world that exist way above this universe,  we come down to have a human experience, to express our personality.  The earth is filled with such beauty for I the soul to experience.   The moon and stars at night light up the earth so we can see in the dark.  The sun shines so brightly and shares her warmth with us.   We observe the beauty of the flowers, the animals  all at their highest quality living in harmony – ah could we call that heaven (Our first interaction with earth ).   From heaven we fall into hell, how ?  Because we lost the  original qualities of the soul that is peace, purity, love, wisdom and Joy.  We took rebirth into a human form countless times and have forgotten that we are souls.  We now associate ourselves with the body and we  feel that anger, lust, greed, attachment and ego are common place.   Yet we crave peace and silence so much.      When the soul leaves the body to enter another body( when a baby starts to move in the womb).  The old body is burred or cremated – ashes to ashes , dust to dust.       Ask yourself why do we crave for peace and silence so much ?  Why do we feel there is more to life ?

Final practical thought,  we drive our car, but we don’t think we are the car, we are just the driver.   The soul is the driver of the car of the body.

Is this a reality or just imagination?

A few thoughts to ponder  on my friends – enjoy.

Blog post inspired by the teaching of the Raja Yoga Meditation taught at the Brahma Kumaris -(Globally)

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