Creating Graphics for Your blog, Instagram, Twitter

As bloggers, we are always using graphics to enhance our work, and break up all the text in our blogs. And of course, we use graphics on our social media sites to attract people to our blogs, services, books or whatever it might be. We all use different tools to create our images. Or we simply take a free image from any free image site and use it. And some of us even do text overlays on the image, or animations etc. is a free tool that can be used to create any graphic from a blog post, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, poster, invitations, and so much more. Canva is a great tool that allows you to any type of graphic you want for any type of social media or blog you want. It is quite easy to use and at the same time a bit tricky.

Canva has a lot of free templates that you can use and change the words, images and make it yours. Therefore, their templates, graphics, etc fall under a non-exclusive licence, meaning they can’t be used as part of a trademark etc.

If you are confident, you can create these graphics for yourself. It is a fun tool to play with and quite easy to use.

I have created a simple how-to YouTube video on this for you to see how easy it is to use see below. Also, I have created a blog post that shows you how to use it for Pinterest – click here to read.

If you scroll further down in this blog post, you can see some of the graphics and designs I have created for myself and bloggers on

Additionally, you can “HIRE ME “to create canva images for you (details below). Canva is easy to use when you use the templates. However, if we want our graphics to stand out we need to make them unique and that is where I can help your graphics stand out.

Hire Me

If you want to hire me to create some Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest images, blog banners or anything else, you can reach out to me. We can discuss your needs and estimated costs. Towards the end of this post are some examples of types of work that can be done

Here Are Some of the Designs I Have Created in Canva

Below are some of the designs I created for fellow bloggers as well as ones I have created from my own blog and social media sites. This gives you a taste of what can be done on by yourself or if you choose to Hire me.

  • Image of Coffee: Title: Mid-Year Review of Goalsls

Below is an example of an animated Instagram post. These are a bit more complicated to create.

Below are an example canva creations for my pinterest and my feature images for my blog posts

  • Tracking your wordpress stats
  • Sharpen your thinking by Tim Feriss


Here are some of the work I have created for other bloggers.

Additionally, if you look at my blog itself it shows you what I have created too.

Blog banner

The blogger banners created here for Roberta (Robbie) required time and effort. They where specific and therefore I would not count these as simple. Robbie is my 1st paid client.

of course, I had to design a blog banner for myself too.

Pinterest Pins Created for Other bloggers and some for myself.

© copyright 2020 all rights reserved. images created by myself on


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