Are we Objective in our World view? Or just plain Reactive!

Our subconsciousness mind has been recording our likes and dislikes. So much so that we react without thinking to anything negative. We are on autopilot. We have created a strong habit.

We automatically have a negative feeling towards something.

Habits can be created. Therefore, habits can be broken. Or rather they can be replaced by a new habit or putting a full stop on unhelpful thoughts.

We are what we think and feel.

But sometimes our thinking, feeling, and habits have simply got the wrong end of the stick. Really they have. And our subconscious mind quietly takes notes and creates reactions.

This is a great video created by Hayden of ‘On The Mind’ YouTube channel. It is a great topic about our subconscious mind, being objective, subjective, and perception. He gives an example of ‘Rain’ and two peoples perception of rain. It is a simple example but really hits home how our perceptions can be crazy and therefore our reactions can at times be so wrong.

I hope you enjoy this video and I hope you can take the example of rain and apply it elsewhere in your life.

Or if you are like me and have issues with cold-weather maybe you can work on the little task he gives us to work on.

Either way, I think that the rain example is applicable on many levels in our life, especially when we overact to something negative that is actually a tiny little thing in hindsight. Or we react to big things and may be we should not have. The saying goes ” making a mountain out of molehill”. Or “Make a mountain as small as a grain of salt”

It is all about how we think, feel and perceive. All of which can be changed to make our life better.

Our thoughts impact our life and we can change them.

Enjoy the video, and I hope you put it into practice – I certainly will be.


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