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 Text:  12 days of Self Mastery and Inner Work
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Dear All, I have always taken part in BLOGMAS every years since I started blogging in 2016.

So this year let us have 12 days of inner work and self mastery. Each day will share a blog post that will consist of a Meditation, affirmation, gratitude and a letting go exercise. We can work on all these elements in one go in the morning, or evening or when it suits you. Or do these exercise in the morning and the evening.

I ran this series for a full month in 2018 and it really was a game changer for inner peace, filling our cup, calmness, balance and assisted in building a positive mindset.

Self mastery, that is, I am the master of myself. I am peaceful and calm in all situations. I am tolerant and resilient. And should I faultier I can bring myself back into line – fast! I am the master of my mind, my life, my emotions, my decisions. I am courageous, happy, and I can pick my self up a millions times and more.

The 12 days of self mastery and inner work will start Thursday 10 December and Ending on Monday 21st Dec 2020

I hope you will join in and enjoy something uplifting and renewing.

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2 replies

    • Yeah… enjoy day 1. I have scheduled the first 3 days, need to do the rest. It is the same format, but meditation will be different, and the affirmations etc will be different. The gratitude section is what ever you decide.

      Enjoy 12 days of xmas..hehe self mastery. 😊


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