Embrace Change

Accept Change

Change is all around.

Change is inevitable.

Like it or not change will happen!

A Caterpillar becomes a butterfly.

A baby grows to be an Adult.

Night becomes Day.

Summer becomes autumn.  Autumn becomes winter.  Season change we know it and accept.  It is the way it is.

We have abused the Earth for years, now we have climate change.

We live like we will never get old, but each birthday comes and we get older. Getting older is unavoidable, so is grey hair!

With age wisdom comes apparently the saying goes. But, we all know that is not the case. It is learning from life experiences that brings about wisdom.  Wisdom doesn’t come by default, it is learnt and acquired.

As we sow, so shall we reap!  Like it or not Karma exists.  Do good you will get good.  Do bad you will get the fruit of that thought, word or action.  If you want to change your life, then do more good.

Change is inevitable.  Accept it. 

You are responsible for what happens in your life, your wisdom or lack of, your circumstances, and your reaction to life hardships or the goods time, is all your choice.

What we think, feel and do is all a choice.  Accepting change or not expecting change is a choice.

In accepting change and believing in yourself, that is having faith that you can face anything, then life becomes easier, happier, and enjoyable.   With the help of the Divine, we are not alone, he helps us and guides through this journey of life and all its ups and downs.   

In all the hardship there are blessing and lessons to be learnt. I must ask myself, what is this situation of change asking me to learn? What change must I make in my life?  Look for the change you must make in your life and you will find happiness in the darkest of times.  Spend time in silence and meditation, in contemplation and change yourself before life forces you to change.  The saying goes – A rolling stone gathers no moss!  Keep rolling, keep changing before life forces you to change.  Even if life forces a difficult situation in your path, embrace it, there is good in this, there will be good in it and you will pass this test the very best way you can.  

The human Soul is a point of light and it is immortal it does not die!  The body dies, but not the Soul.  The Soul is reborn as little baby in a healthy new body. If we charge I the Soul with meditation and Connect to the Supreme Soul “God” or the “Divine” or “the Universe’s”  power of goodness I  become good and strong.  I face challenges with a smile and keep growing and changing. 

Change is going to happen regardless of your liking it or not!   Change the equation, keep changing and keep growing before time. That is, before life forces you to change and you will be happy and strong no matter what.

Embrace change in the quiet moments and life becomes easier and happier. Hard times become easier to handle.

Change does occur and how we embrace it and prepare for it makes the difference. Our response to change helps us to remain happy or sad. Our mind is very strong, and we make it stronger by the thoughts and feelings we have. So Meditate often, practice gratitude, affirmations and positive thinking and life hardest of challenges will not be so up hill. The hand of the Divine is always available take use of it.

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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

9 thoughts on “Embrace Change

  1. A teacher once asked when you feel fear where is it – and the answer was always inside me somewhere, it is not out there anywhere. It is so obvious yet so profound and true. Change keeps happening regardless of how we perceive it, it is happening from moment to moment. Your post is so beautiful speaking of so many aspects and range of change. How we flow through it, the perspectives we practice help us live a life of joy.

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