Saturday Morning

I managed to get my hands on A Promised Land by Barack Obama. I managed to get at Sainsbury’s at £18 (full price £35) which I believe to be a good price. Maybe I could have waited to get it cheaper, especially as it takes me ages to read. Mr. Obama definitely writes as he speaks. He is precise, thoughtful in his writing. So far I am enjoying. I live in the UK I don’t get the USA political structure, but I had been reading up on it a bit after the Biden Harris win. So some of the terminology made sense, otherwise I would be like ….umm.

I was in New York at the head office of the company I worked for at the time. Obama just got elected. He was in New York. My colleague and I where walking around. There was all this commotion and I thought is it a rock star or what? I stood at a corner with a bit of view. And by luck it was the right corner to see President Obama wave as he speed by. Oh I realised that was the presidential motorcade and MAN it was SOMETHING I have never seen in my life.

I was on cloud 9. I was already on cloud 9 when Obama became president. I was so happy. Seeing him made that trip wonderful a moment I treasure. Pure luck. It was the best, especially as my job at the time was quite horrific/ horrible.

So now I am slowly reading this. I will let you know when I finish. What are you currently reading?


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11 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

    1. Have a great Sunday. I like the Obamas for their values and integrity. His book really is written as he speaks. I have to google a few things here and there. He wrote his first draft of the book with pen and paper, saying a computer would have made his messy thoughts etc look neat and tidy, giving a false idea of his half baked ideas. Of course he writes that more elegantly than I just did.

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      1. Mmm. Yes, agreed, me too. That’s good to know, as I’ve always liked to hear him speak. Excellent oratore. Well, the books just made my list. I also need to get Michelle’s book. Have a great week, Bella.

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  1. That is exciting you got Obama’s book! I think both him and his wife are pretty amazing! Some in the states would disagree with me, but this man was a way better president than Trump could ever dream of being. Obama is very well spoken and intelligent. He isn’t and wasn’t a perfect president, but he was honest and loyal. I miss the days when we had him as a president. I think he would have handled the virus much better and there would not been near as many deaths. Thank you for sharing this!

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    1. Michelle is also great. I read her book too. Both of them are great. I don’t think anyone can be perfect president, it isnt an easy job. I dont think it is an easy job for any person to run a country. But Obama was sincere, honest and wanted to improve America for the people not just the rich. And I think Biden wants to do the same.
      Also I think from other reading I have done the house, Congress, senate can handicap a president from getting good things done. Which might impact Biden . But hopefully all his years in senate etc will assist.

      Trump. Well what to say … his current behaviour and antics are shocking, but what is more shocking is that GOP his party let him and even support him, I think it is quite dangerous. Luckily the courts are throwing out the baseless cases.

      I also listened to Jill Buden’s book on audible. That was interesting too.

      Thanks for reading. Hope you are having a good weekend

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