Day 12 Of 12 Days of Self Mastery and Inner Work – BLOGMAS.


Well Done for completely 12 days of self mastery and inner work. Well done it is a brilliant achievement. Make sure to pat yourself on the back for getting so far. I would like to suggestion you continue with this self mastery and inner work for as long as it takes you to feel you have mastered yourself. Now we could say that is a life long journey – which it is. However, when we do these deep focus exercise for 3, 6, 12 months or longer they make a massive impact on your life and resilience; which you can then use daily or as a top up. I think life will always throw things our way some sort of daily routine that fills your cup will make your life great and wonderous. Well Done Again and do continue the good work you have done for yourself for the rest of your life including the good times. And do comment below how you found these 12 days and if you want me to anything similar in 2021?

Self Mastery

The art of cleaning my mind

The Art of letting that which is old.

The art of creating space

The Art of being a peaceful Soul

The Art of being kind to myself.

To Days Exercise at Self Mastery


When we live a truthfully and honest life.  When we are selfless, and we practise meditation and honesty, then our intuition will guide us.

Starting  Meditation

From Release your wings channel on Youtube – all the meditation shared here are from students of  Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organisation.


Take a pen and paper and write these affirmation out 7 times likes lines, and if possible do thid 3 times in the day.

I am full of newness and excitement. I am new. I feel new and energized by life and what I have achieved these past 12 days.  I am free.  I am strong.  I am loved by all.  I am a strong peaceful powerful soul.  I am good.  I am strong, worthy and capable. I am well. I am new. I am strong. I can Do ANYTHING.


Write 3 things to be grateful for and give thanks to yourself for completing these 12 days.

I am grateful for these 12 days of self mastery and inner work. I am proud of myself for investing time in myself.

An Exercise in Letting Go.

Whatever situation is currently disturbing you – let it go today.

Visualise that person or situation, see yourself centred in peace and shine The Divines light on You and them.  You may wish to replace the word you with the names of persons /situation.

Either take a pen and paper and write out or say out loud  – 7 times 3 times a

I let go all the pain.  I let go of you.  I let go off all the pain.   I create a new life free from wasteful thoughts.  I wish you well.

I know I am strong, capable and worthy.

Positive Energy To the body.

  • Visualise white light from the Divine, God or the universe, shining on your body .   Going up and down healing that which needs to be healed.  DO this for 2 minutes.
  • Even if you are healthy then do this exercise.
  • Additionally, if members of family and friends are not well, you can do this for them too.  Again for 2 minutes.

Ending Meditation

  •   From Release your wings channel on Youtube

Thank you for joining me on these 12 days of self master and inner work. I hope this is something you will carry on for the rest of you life or for at least another 3 to 6 months and you will see the difference in your life. I promise you. How can I make that promise – well it is something I have done in my life and I make it a routine. I may not affirm or do gratitude day, I will do it weekly, but I meditate daily and read positive classes daily.

The meditations shared are inspired by the teaching of Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organisation.

© 2020

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