January 2021 Habit/Goal/Mood Tracker (free download)

Every day is a new start. Every week is a new start. Every Month is a New Start. Every Year is a New Start. Every hour is a New Start.

Often a New Year doesn’t feel like a new start at all. But, this where a determined mind and a determined thought and habit trackers help us get there.

Who knows what 2021 holds for us. We know we still will be living with Covid. But, there will a day that we will get past it. Don’t be derailed by the pandemic. Still dream and still plan to improve yourself.

To change, to improve we have to regularly practice and develop the habit of doing that item.

Habit trackers are a good way of holding yourself accountable to do achieving a goal or goals.

I use habit trackers all the time as they help me keep myself accountable. And if I slip they remind me to get back on track. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip it is okay. Keep making the effort and it will pay off.

I will be sharing a habit tracker for all of 2021 on this blog so you can download for free (or you can make a small contribution) and make 2021 your year of change, personal development, success. I will aim to share these trackers a week and half before the new month begins.

Habit Examples

Writing everyday

Writing a book, requires daily writing goals

Drinking water



Positive thinking

Waking up consistently everyday.


practice affirmations and/or gratitude



January 2021 Habit Tracker

The habit tracker is free to download the link is below. However, if you would like to contribute a little something to this blog it would be much appreciated. You can pay with paypal or your normal credit card. The cost is £0.40 GBP. You can use this currency converter to figure out what it might be in your currency – click here

January 2021 Habit Tracker – GBP

January 2021 Habit Tracker – GBP


Free download



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