Thought for Today – Become Busy

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Develop the practice or habit of keeping your mind busy. That is, keep your mind busy in having good wishes and good feelings for yourself and others.

When the mind develops the natural practice of constantly having good feelings, it is said to be in a positive state. This means that you automatically move away from fluctuations that occur in the mind ( i.e. negative mind). The disheartening that you sometimes feel in life is lessened and may not even occur. It is like magic.

Therefore, always have good feelings and blessings for others and yourself.

And in all difficult situations, accept there is benefit in this test paper. And this test paper has come to teach me something. This way you begin to see good in everything and you build your capacity to live life joyfully regardless.


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    • Yes screen time is something we all need to win at. But use your screen time in reading positive stuff and implementing the ideas into your life. Or writing your book or blog posts or both? Have a great year winning the screen time race. I actually watch very little TV as that is the only way I get stuff done. I multi task quite a bit, like I will listen to talks whilst ironing, cleaning, washing up etc.

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