Let’s get Inspired

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you know I share a lot of YouTube Video from famous people about their thoughts

I think being inspired by others is a great way to learn, grow and dream. It fast forwards my thinking and learning.


I love being inspired and learning from others as their experience and wisdom will always open my eyes to something I would never think about, or haven’t thought deeply enough about, or I am just plain clueless about, or I lack experience of.

I wasn’t much of a reader at a young age. Therefore, I don’t think myself as much of a writer or blogger. My random, haphazard blogging journey has really opened my eyes to the writing/blogging world, and the dedication of each blogger and how well they run their blog, how they write, the passion in which they take photos, and much more. It has highlighted to me where I need to improve if I really want to write books and make my blog better. At the same time, I feel a bit nervous about writing my own books or how to make my blog better. Which is where INSPIRATION is the KEY to DREAMING and DOING. Inspiration is the torch that lights up that dark tunnel, or that forest road in the dark of the night where you feel I have no clue where I am, where I am going and I feel scared can I do this (survive).

So, I am excited to announce that in 2021 I will be sharing a few “let’s get inspired posts” with my blogger friends. There are many bloggers on WordPress.com that inspire me so much. Be it their dedication, professionalism, consistency of posting, energy, wisdom, tenacity, writing skills, their beautiful blogs and books, their enthusiasm to write, the way they juggle their life and so much more. Whenever I read their blog posts, interviews, etc., I feel I really have to improve how I run my blog, write, etc.

With that thought, and the want to do something NEW for 2021 on my blog and my writing, I created the idea of the “Let’s get inspired” series.

A few of my blogger friends have agreed to be interviewed and to be featured on my blog. I hope it will make for interesting reading and a whole heap of inspiration, and learning for yourself and myself to excel in our blogging and writing journeys. I am very excited. And I hope you will join me on this journey.

Marcus Aurelius

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