Don’t be A “Servant”…

Don’t be a servant to your past pains and hurts.
Don’t let them anchor you down to one spot and stop you from moving forward.

Don’t let them Stop you from living life.

Don’t be a servant to your worries and fears – fly free and high.
Don’t be a servant to what people think of you – so what!

Don’t be a servant to the past.
Don’t be paralysed by what has gone and what might be.

Just go out and “Live” and sing your song free and bold.


This is my contribution to Just Jot it January for today. Join us at LindaGHill’s


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Images: pexel and Linda’s blog.

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  1. This is surely great, sometimes we load ourselves too much and end up stuck in one position rather than moving forward by forgetting our pains and regrets.

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  2. Hey, loved the story. If you don’t mind, could you tell me how you added the link to Linda’s page in yoir blog? I’m trying to join the JusJoJan, and I’d really like to know 🙂

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  3. I think what can happen sometimes is that we identify ourselves so strongly with these negative beliefs that we feel compelled to remain “true” to what we wrongly believe ourselves to be.

    The first step is questioning those negative beliefs, challenging yourself as to why you believe this and what actual evidence you have of it. No doubt, much easier said than done. But it’s harder to serve something we know is incorrect.

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