How to add the Copyright symbol to your blog posts ( in the block or classic editor).

Dear All,

I have created another how to video for us blogger.

Please note I am new to YouTube. I create my YouTube videos using zoom in one take, so there are some issues where I try to make it into a reusable block (because zoom floating toolbar didn’t allow me to see, even though you can see it, I couldn’t. One day my YouTube skills will improve.)


Anyway, below is the video on how to create a nice looking copyright symbol in the block editor and in MS Word. If you are using the classic editor you can still view this video it will help you (or you can see this post I created a few years ago)


© 2021 Copyright


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29 thoughts on “How to add the Copyright symbol to your blog posts ( in the block or classic editor).

  1. thanks Bella, I am still using ‘classic’ editor so found that symbol that I never knew was there thanks to this brief education video … thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate that 🙂

    Now may I ask for instruction on how to put a watermark or copyright on my photos as they get ‘stolen’ as in used with no credit given on other people’s blogs! They even claim the photo is from another country … eerrk

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    1. Oh thank you for giving me a suggestion on what how to do next. I so appreciate that.

      I am glad you found a treasure with that funny symbol thing on the classic editor. I can now see you having so much fun – inserting all sorts of symbol… Now don’t be a kid in a sweet shop – all at once.

      lots of love

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      1. I posted it but took it down… just a bunch of issues. I will get it done next few days after a lot of attempts if recording. It us a five min thing to do, but recording it correctly is my learning curve, and youtube.. so it will be with you when I record it right, which will be a few attempt.

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      2. Kate, do you take photos with your phone? Because, there will also be an option to edit your photo, and add text to it there ( in terms of watermark/copyright). And what I am finding these days the phone function are a lot easier than software. And generally on the phone its free. Anyway, look into that. And I will create a how to using ms paint which is free with windows, and later one with canva which is a free software too.

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