The Power of Introversion

The power of introversion. This is an old post I wrote a while back. I was rereading and I thought you might enjoy it too. Click through to read the original and let me know your thoughts


In the world it is seen that being introverted is a weakness and that being extroverted means you get further in life. This the general thinking. But we all know that is not the case, and that we are all different. And most of us can be a bit of both depending on the situations.

In this post I want to express my vision and practice of introversion. I love being introverted and mastering myself. I love improving my inner world and world view. I love to win the small battle, for example keeping my peace when others are harsh to me. That win to me signifies and lets me know how much I have moved forwarded in my journey and how much more I have to go. I hope you like this post and the high level ideas I share in this post.

When we are introverted, we make…

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11 thoughts on “The Power of Introversion

  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Have to admit when I was younger I always wished I could be more extroverted – people who were the life of the party, always had an opinion and something witty to say.

    But as I got older I started appreciating my more introverted nature, realising the great things it offers myself and others.

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  2. I am most definitely an introvert. Mainly I like to spend all my time with my fiance. To be around a lot of people, I really have to charge my batteries because they drain quickly. I get headaches and overloaded. I can function at work pretty well but that’s because I’m used to it. But it does tire me. I am lucky because part of my job involves counting money and preparing bank deposits and the office is behind other offices, so I’m locked in behind two doors. I keep most of the lights off and just use a lamp and it’s very peaceful back there, so I go in there when I need time to calm down. I like being introverted and spending time thinking and daydreaming. Sometimes I worry I get too much into my head talking to myself so I do need an outlet with other people.

    I like your idea of the silent, positive influence we can have on the people around us. In Catholicism, there is a belief that there is a role for every person, the way a body has many parts which all do different things. Some people are hands, but others are the blood or breath. These are the people such as nuns and monks who spend their time in a monastery where they pray for the world. To people who don’t believe, it looks like they are useless and should be out in the world working. But they are serving an important function for the body, because the body needs blood and breath in order to work.

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    1. Thank you for giving an insight into Catholicism, it us interesting. I like the hand and breath categories.

      I am an introvert. Can be an extrovert at times. But the point of this post introvert is to go inside, into peace, into I the soul, the spirit and build strength and positive.

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