Hidden Truth – Haiku

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The truth be hidden
But its vibrations remains
Decades later

Note: this my second attempt at haiku, just popped in my head. I have written it out in long hand, as part of a longer poem(which I might share at a later date).

The inspiration came from a real life event. For years there was something that I could never understand. Life gave me many clues, but I never pieced them together. Then one fine summers day, decades later, clear, so clear, the answers came, profoundly clear. In the still of the air, the vibration of the acts of dishonesty openly revealed their truth, by a simple vibration, that just became clear, one day walking home from grocery shopping, and my mind was completely at peace not a single thought of anything.

Though this event would not be evidence in a court of law, of the injustice that was done was revealed. It was just revealed as if the vibrations was always there. I can’t explain it but I know the feeling was so real and true. Peace finally claimed. Magical experience but people may not believe it, but it answered all that I had been asking.


Have any of you had such a vision of clarification?

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    • Thank you for confirming. Certainly these come when we are ready to click, it us magic and a bit spooky too.. I have written (pen and paper) a longer version last night as it came to me. Will type out and share at some point on blog.

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  1. I appreciate and celebrate this experience with you. I understand the magic it is – I agree how truth always exists and continues as vibration, it is for us to evolve to match it and feel it, indeed it brings so much peace as we reach where we belong as if.

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