Winter a Haiku

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Winter Transforms all
Frost, Fog, Ice, Snow, Rain, Dark, Cold
Laboured life unfolds

Note, this is my 3rd Haiku. Not sure if I am doing these right.


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24 thoughts on “Winter a Haiku

  1. hi there, greetings from locked down Scotland. I like the process of matching pics and haiku. Something to think about, if its not too cheeky! Traditional Japanese haiku consist of 5/7/5 as it suits their short syllable language. (onji c/w syllable.) Many haihu writers prefer shorter syllable length due to the longer sylables inherent in the English language. here’s a couple of examples to show what I mean;-

    snow falling
    in its place
    (Alan Spence)

    snow fall
    the silence growing
    (Derek Ross)

    Many stick to 5/7/5 in english, of course, it just seems too long in my view and it can only be subjective. Just think you’ve got something and may benefit from trying shorter lines to see how you get on. Arra best, Derek

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