Let’s Get Inspired by – Kamal Roohani – Part 1 of 2

Welcome to the Let’s be Inspired series, where we get to know our fellow bloggers on WordPress.com. Where we learning their blogging journey, book writing journey, their passion for photography, and more.

The purpose is to be ‘inspired’ by their journey and learn from them. To be encouraged by their dedication, motivations, routines and how they make it happen. So that the fire in us to write, blog or take better photos etc. is ignited.

Today, we speak to Kamal Roohani, the second blogger as part of this series. I hope you enjoy this two-part interview with Kamal.

Where does the inspiration to write come from? Featuring Kamal Roohani – Part 1


Kamal has been blogging for seven years and has recently published a poetry book. She recently retired; otherwise, she was working full-time for a good amount of her blogging time.

Kamal lives in Mumbai, India. She lives with her husband. She has two children, and she is a proud grandmother. 

She loves to write and read. Though she is not tech-savvy; she doesn’t let that get in her way. Kamal started her blog- Boundless Blessing Blog with the help of her son. 

Screen grabs taken from Kamal’s blog and a photo given by Kamal

Kamal writes poetry and lovely heart-warming stories on her blog. Her stories always leave you feeling uplifted and happy. I can’t remember when we became blogging friends, but I do treasure her friendship.

She has self-published book poetry on Kindle, as well as published a paperback of her poetry book. She also has a couple more writing projects in the pipeline. 

Today we are going to learn about her writing passion and how she published her first book.

Briefly explain your writing journey.

copyright Kamal Roohani

I have had a great passion for writing since a teenager. 

I had a small notebook of my poems and kept it to myself. I had a passion for reading from a young age, and as we all are Mills & Boons fans read those books, then Mystery Books and many other books that interested me. 

I do not remember exactly when I got into writing poetry. I love nature, though I live in urban Mumbai, which hardly has nature. But maybe my inborn nature is that I imagine myself to be with the mountains, the lakes, the flowers, the birds and all to do with nature. 

As I matured and once my children became big, my thoughts changed towards more spirituality. I started reading a lot of books on spirituality, saw YouTube channels and learnt a lot of inspiration from many spiritual people. 

My imagination works almost every day, and when I was working as a Secretary, I only had one boss to work for, this left me with a bit of free time. Therefore, I said to myself, why not write, and that is how my writing journey started.  

Then once I started blogging, seven years back with the help of children. I wrote so many poems I asked my son can we publish a book in which I can showcase my poems, and it was always my passion to publish a book. He immediately agreed, and we both thought of a beautiful title, “Poet’s Touch.”


Kamal’s books

Tell us about your first book, the “Poet’s Touch” that you self-published and created a paperback copy for India’s customers.

Copyright Kamal Roohani

First and foremost, I must thank all my WordPress Blogger friends and family for giving me an upstart in encouraging me to write and publish my first Poetry Book.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle, as well as in Paperback for our Indian readers. 

It did not take me very long to compile around 75 poems of mine. A good many poems in the book are from my blog, and others are for the book only. 

My daughter helped me by proof-reading my poems and correct any errors. I didn’t want my poems edited. 

My son helped with the art-work. But the release was delayed as my son was very busy at the time. Once we started the initial work, everything worked out very well, and in August 2018, my book was ready. I thank God for giving me such beautiful children.

I have a friend who is already a writer, and I took his help with self-publishing on Amazon Kindle. He helped me find and work with an Amazon India company who then helped me with publishing my book on Amazon Kindle. I then put my book on Facebook and got great reviews.

An extract from Kamal’s book.

When I sold my book too, there were many of my friends who said very encouraging things to me and felt very elated and happy that at least after years I could put my poems into a beautiful book and published it for the first time. Some blogger friends have written their reviews at the end of the book, where I have showcased their comments. Felt blessed by receiving such great reviews.

The idea for publishing for Indian viewers was thought of by my son and me.

My son is a graphic designer and works in the Advertising & Marketing field. He did all the art-work, and we both chose the name. My son really helped me from start to finish in finishing the book through all the relevant Apps. He created everything and then gave it to his friend, who is a printer, and he printed around 300 copies for me. I sold almost all my books on my own. Did not go to any library to sell my book. The process was a little tedious, but my son could do the needful. 

Lessons learnt from her First Book.

The greatest lesson I learnt from writing and publishing my book is that I loved what I am doing and poetry is my forte. I am a lover of nature, and it comes out almost in all my poems if you have read them on my blog. 

I really felt so happy when I got my book in my hands. The smell of a new book is so beautiful.

Kamal Roohani

I thank my beloved Meher Baba, whose influence acts as the Pen, the Paper, the Writer and everything. It is all because of Him that I have reached this awesome stage in my life.

Do you plan to write any more books? 

Yes, I have drafted a book with 35 short stories. I have also drafted another book which is a work of fiction. I plan to publish both books, but this time I will require someone to first review and edit my books.  

I will not publish until I am sure the public will like what I have written. It will take a long time, and my son says this is not the time to publish as people in this Corona and lockdown are not very interested in reading books.

Even my friend, who is a great writer, has told me not to do so. So I will wait for some time, and I have my niece, and a few of my friends who I have sent my stories to and they have liked my stories so feel nice about it. But with Meher Baba’s grace to one day, these books will see the light of day.

Advice for wannbe Writers.

If they want to start writing a story, or a poem they must be passionate about the subject or what they want to write about and must not procrastinate what people will think, or will they ridicule my work. If this is the case, the writer will never write what he or she wants to write about. Let your imagination flow, and of course, words and ideas will definitely flow in their passion.  

The Interview continues…

In part two, we learn about Kamal’s blogging/writing habits, advice to bloggers and wannabe writers, how she juggles it all and how she manages the technical side of blogging when she herself is not that tech-savvy. Until then do make a point of visiting her blog- Boundless Blessing Blog and enjoy her great stories, poems and other posts.

Are you inspired, motivated ?

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If you missed the first blogger Robbie Cheadle in the series you can read her interview here.

Thank you for popping by.. see you again.


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