Experience vs Habit

Experience vs Habit
What is the difference?

Experience is gained by doing something over and over again.
Habits are created by doing something over and over again!

Are bad habits a bad experience?
Are good habits a good experience?

The point is both experience and habits are developed by the single act of repetition over time. Be that time long or short.


We gain experience. We create habits.

We are strong and capable of learning and growing.

We are not weak.
We are not weak.
We may be lazy.
We may procrastinate.
But we are not weak.


So Good habits and Good experiences are what I repeatedly do.
Bad habits and bad experiences are what I repeatedly do.
To ‘Do’ is to think, feel, react, respond, feel, physically do.


If I am constantly angry – I attract anger. I am experienced the skill of being angry! I have the habit of being angry.
If I constantly negativity, I am an expert in seeing things in a pessimistic light. I have the habit of being negative.

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We human beings. The ‘being’ being is the Soul. The Soul is pure positive energy. But, if I keep feeding myself negativity, dark thoughts, weak thoughts, I am creating the habit and I become skilled in the experience of negativity all the time. Then, the law of attraction will manifest my constant negativity. Then I wonder WHY!


To be positive, to be upbeat, to be happy no matter what is a thought, feeling and action that is repeatedly done.

In today’s or yesterday’s spiritual class, it was said that the current is a time of adversity and bad behaviours. Take it as a test paper, and pass the test. In other words, see the blessing in difficulties, turn difficulties into opportunities to grow and learn. See the opportunity in the challenge.

Both HABITS and EXPERIENCES are created by what we REPEATEDLY DO. So are affirmations. And so is the law of attraction and manifesting. Manifest and affirm with your whole being, your heart, mind, thoughts and I the SOUL be positive in all aspects of life.

Your sweet smile at a stranger could make their day. Holding the door for someone. Saying Thank you. Appreciating your own life and appreciating the simple things.

LIFE is what we repeatedly do, think, feel, speak, dream.
We are STRONG.

But are we LAZY. Procrastination, laziness, fear and overwhelm make us weak. But, baby step by baby step we can turn our whole life around.

If it is so easy to have bad habits, then make it easy to have GOOD habits and experiences.

Repeatedly do and be your best every second of every day.

OWN your LIFE. Don’t waste it with negativity.

Thank you. Do comment below your thoughts on this post. And are you going to focus on the creation of a positive life by simply repeating all that is good? See you in the comments below and the next post. We are what we think. Our thoughts make us happy or sad. We control our thoughts.


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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

33 thoughts on “Experience vs Habit

  1. Powerful and impactful post, Bella. Habits can be broken too at anytime but experience is gained and doing the affirmations each and everyday is so important that it becomes your experience in life. As you have rightly said, nothing happens to the Soul. We are Beings in this Human Body.
    There is only Divine Bliss. Thank you so much for this lovely share.

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  2. Habits are such a strong force – they surely propel much of our life if we don’t consciously choose them. Experiences can be accumulated overtime and also created anew in a given time. It was interesting to ponder on the 2 with your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your lovely thoughtful comment as always. Yes experience creates anew given time. So very true.

      I was laying on the sarcasm a bit in this post. I just wanted to point out everything in life is created by repetition of some sort. Be it habit or experience and really the choice and the control is always in our hand. We just need to see , be aware , and have the courage to change.

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