Today and The Past

This post is created as part of VJ’s weekly challenge: Threes. If you want to join in. This is my first attempt.


Too many lives

Error of judgement

Yet hope springs.

Background of inspiration. This is a SoCs piece. In the UK we have now lost more than 100, 000 to covid. I just don’t know what to say. The loss to covid world wide is too great. Also, today Wednesday 27th Jan 2021 is the Holocaust memorial day. A sad day but hope springs in those that survived and lived a full an positive life despite it. I bow down to their courage to lives and spirit. And hope spring with the vaccine. Error of judgement well l hope that just makes sense.

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  1. Yes, hope springs. I don’t think we will all go the way of COVID and I will be glad when the vaccine is widespread. I hope that life will get back to normal. We’ve learned a lot, but we all miss the human touch and personal communication.

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