A thought on – What it means to be a Powerful Soul.

Only a powerful soul can offer love.

Only a powerful soul can afford to be humble

If we are weak, then we become selfish;

if we are empty, we take;

but if we are filled,

we automatically give to all.

That is Our Nature.

by Dadi Prakashmani.

The power expressed in this quote is not physical power. But Spiritual power. It is not the power of arrogance. But the power or self love, contentment, love for God, the power of respect for myself and others, the power of pure thoughts and good wishes, the power of values and virtues, the power of truth and the courage to be good and virtuous. When I am filled (or Full) with peace, contentment, Gods love, acceptance, wisdom, sensibility, my own worth, my goodness then I can always be loving and humble in all situation. Even in the face of defamation.


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24 thoughts on “A thought on – What it means to be a Powerful Soul.

  1. Bella this is so inspiring and powerful thoughts for how a Soul is. It is totally untarnished and eternal. I loved every sentence of your post. I have read about Dadi Prakashmani. She was a great spiritual leader and has impacted so many in her life. The Lotus too was so beautiful.

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      1. Oh really ??? Not that I know of. Anyways like with any organisation there is always bad stuff floating around that isn’t the truth, or the majority
        experience. But that is part of life. If people can believe Trump is truth then there isn’t much left to say.

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      2. lol she is really nowhere near that troubled πŸ™‚
        I just get disappointed when people claim they are on a spiritual journey but seem to have little insight … my bad

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  2. It took me a while to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of this power. I struggled with my love and humility taken for my weakness. I learned to acknowledge my own power for what it is and not be dependent on others understanding it but simply being it. I enjoyed the reminder of your post.


    1. Pragalbha, Your comments are always so deep, thoughtful and so open. I always learn so much from you. I think our lives become really beautiful when we start transforming, learning , growing and winning at changing . Inner power through inner work . And for me God’s power and love in my Meditation.

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