Let’s Get Inspired by – Kamal Roohani – Part 2 of 2

Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others – Voltaire

To be inspired by another life and their routines helps us in our writing, blogging, and life journey. Therefore, I love to be inspired with the help of a few blogger friends I have created this “let’s be inspired series”, click here to read the introductory post.



Where does the inspiration to write come from? Featuring Kamal Roohani – Part 2

In this two-part series we will be speaking to Kamal Roohani. Kamal started her blog- Boundless Blessing Blog seven years ago. Kamal writes poetry and lovely heart-warming stories on her blog. Her stories always leave you feeling uplifted and happy. She has published a book poetry and has another two books that she is working on. She has recently retired and is a proud grandmother, a wife and a mother of two beautiful children.

In Part 1, we learnt about Kamal’s poetry book and her up and her two other books she is working on.

Today, we learn about her blog, how she manages her blog, her blogging and writing habits, and advice to bloggers and wannabe writers, and how she juggles it all.


What made you start blogging?

One day, my son’s friend suggested that if I am writing poems, why don’t I showcase them on a WordPress Blog and become a Blogger. I did not know anything as I am not very computer savvy. He helped me create my Blog, and I told him to name it as Boundless Blessings Blog. 

I am a great believer in Avatar Meher Baba who is The Avatar of the Age, or you may call Him God in Human Form, and his inspiring and profound messages motivated me to create this Blog and inspire each and everyone with what our God wants to tell us and give us Boundless Blessings. For me, he is everyone and everything. 


As a self-proclaimed non-technical savvy blogger, how do you manage to blog?

I am not a tech-savvy person, and I am not a technical person even after blogging for seven years. However, I have learnt how to be a little savvy now, and yes, I feel more experienced to be blogging, and I like what I am doing.

If I fumble, I have to call my son who helps me at times to rectify the issue.

Basically, I can type anything in a Word Document, and I can make changes there as I have worked as a Secretary for 40 years but otherwise not so savvy in other stuff on the computer. I then copy-paste the Word Document onto my blog post.

Where does the inspiration come from?

Other inspiring stories that I write on the blog are from profound stories that I get from my What’s app group, and I find them so motivating I like to then share on my blog of course with putting my words too. It leaves me motivated, so why not inspire the World with these stories so that we get so many values to learn in life and how to live a life with all with love and kindness. Love is everything.

Kamal’s blogging process.

I take a lot of effort to give my best in all my posts to my fellow bloggers. 

I select the appropriate image from google. It feels nice to see that my posts come out beautifully and so many bloggers appreciate my work. 

It feels so nice to be creating motivating and encouraging posts, for each and everyone to live a life of happiness and humbleness. 

I am consistent with blogging. I read other bloggers’ work every day and comment on their good work and every 4 to 5 days I post on my blogging. I love blogging and interacting with friends who write so beautifully from their heart. WordPress is a good platform to showcase your works of art.


How do you Juggle blogging, writing, working and family life?

You know from the time I had my daughter when I was 24 years old and working in Hindustan Petroleum from that time I have learnt to juggle my work, my housework, taking care of my daughter and of course, after four years I had a son too. 

Don’t ask, it sure was madness, but I had a helper to take care of them when I went to Office and at times would go home early from Office to take care of my kids. My children grew up to be mischievous and good too, and I loved being a mother to them. I love them. My Mother-in-law was a great help too. 

But as they say, life is not easy everything has its ups and downs, and I have managed so far so good though at times the burden was too much felt like running away and being on my own for at least a few days, but that is not possible. If you have taken the responsibility, you have to take care of your family.  

Time for Blogging whilst in a full-time job and now retired.

I started blogging only seven years ago, and it was almost at the end of my career though I did not have lots of work later on in my life. When I started working, we had no computers there were only typewriters, so we had lots and lots of work. 

I enjoy being a grandmother now and my little one is more than a Dennis a Menace but a joy to have around and I manage this life. 

I blog or write, mostly in the evening time I get free from all my housework. That is the time I sit on my WordPress and love reading posts and commenting on all of them. I feel I get my’ me time’ and then think about what to write, but yes I am consistent in blogging.

Now since I have retired there is nothing like weekends every day is a weekend. Whenever I get time mostly in the evenings, I find a quiet place in my house and then I can write beautifully. I sit on blogging for a short time and then get back to either reading or seeing a picture or listening to videos on YouTube.  


Where do you write?

Kamal Roohani at her desk at work.
Copyright Kamal Roohani

One has to write in peace and quietness where no one disturbs you otherwise your flow of imagination will stop.

I wrote most of my stories in my cabin (at work, see photo) where no one disturbed me as my boss would be doing his work and of course when he called me for work I had to go otherwise the whole day was for me. So I would write in this one place in my cabin in the afternoon for almost two to three hours. 

Now since I have retired from last year, I get time to write my stories on weekends only or when I get free time from working in the house. Have also started proof-reading my stories too.   

Do you ever get fed up blogging?

No, I do not get fed up with blogging. Nowadays, there are not many bloggers like we had before when we started, so it does not take me much time to read their blogs and comment on their posts. I have around 5000 followers, but from them, only 30 bloggers must be commenting on your blog.  

The Pandemic 

How has the pandemic affected your writing and blogging? 

The pandemic has not affected me much, though my husband went through two operations, my daughter’s whole family had COVID. I was very worried and for a time felt like not writing, nor blogging and that way many things keep on popping in these times. There is so much negativity being spread in the name of COVID, but slowly and steadily I picked up myself and came out positively and said to myself, come on Kamal you have to push yourself and move forward. So with determination and guidance from my beloved Meher Baba, I am back on track. Reading a lot of good books, being active on WordPress Blogging and have started writing another story and reworking on my stories too. Feels nice and fresh.

Advice for wannabe writers and blogger.

For bloggers who are starting fresh, I would suggest that they too need to comment on other bloggers’ posts if they want to stay in the blogging family because it is a two-way street. If you keep on liking someone’s posts all the time the blogger will not feel interested to always comment. Many new bloggers feel sad and move out of blogging because no one comments on their posts. It is so nice to be encouraging and motivating bloggers on the way they write. Like if you take so much pain to write even they take their time out to write, so why not encourage each and every one. That is a life where we are interconnected. It is so nice to be having virtual friends, and they can become your family and friends forever. A kind of rapport forms and we feel so nice to have so many friends in life who are on the same page like us. Life is short, no one has seen when our end will come. So why not enjoy when we are alive instead of hating and fighting with each other. We are all One.

If they want to start writing a story, or a poem they must be passionate about the subject or what they want to write about and must not procrastinate what people will think; or will they ridicule my work. If this is the case, the writer will never write what he or she wants to write about. Let your imagination flow, and of course, words and ideas will definitely flow in their passion.  


The “Let’s” CONTINUE to ” Be Inspired“ .. the Interviews Continue…

I hope you are enjoying the “Let gets inspired” series so far.  Today is the last interview with Kamal. But, I have other blogger friends lined up as part of this series. I do hope you come back to read their stories. 

Kamal has many blog posts and stories and I invite you to read ” An Inspiring Zen Story“, just to see how brilliant Kamal’s writing is.

Don’t forget to visit Kamal at Boundless Blessing Blog.   And please don’t forget to read the interviews with  Robbie Cheadle who was the first blogger of this series and make sure to visit Robbie’s blogs too.


Are you inspired, motivated?

I think the biggest lesson from Kamal is.  Don’t let what you don’t know get in the way (e.g. Technology).  Have passion for what you do, do it with your full heart. Put your best foot forward in all your writing.  If you love writing you will never get fed up.  We get fed up because we are chasing for likes, comments, but we don’t bother to engage with the community.  Find the time to fit it in.   And Finally, find your “me time”.  Or as Robbie Cheadle calls it her “Stolen Time”.  Your writing time, your blogging time is whatever you can allocate as per your life.  But, it is something we have to figure out for ourselves and only we can make it happen.  

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Thank you for popping by.. see you again.


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39 thoughts on “Let’s Get Inspired by – Kamal Roohani – Part 2 of 2

  1. Hi Bella, it is lovely to read this second post about Kamal’s life and writing. Covid has been a difficult time for all of us and I am pleased she has managed to stay positive and enthusiastic and return to blogging and writing. I found these two things helped me get through the lockdown months and I am grateful for all of you friends in my blogging community.

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  2. Bella, thank you so, so much for the awesome interview. I am feeling so blessed and for having such a wonderful friend in you. The interview is superb and you have portrayed it so beautifully. Would love to read another blogger whose interview too would be lovely. Robbie too was profound. Thanks once again. God Bless. Love and lots of hugs to you dear.

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    1. Dear Kamal this interview could not have happened without you, and your wonderful answers, thoughts and honest and open responses. I hope others reading it will find it inspiring. Thank you Again for a great interview.


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