Thoughts on – Constant

I am dependable to myself and others.
I am constant.
I am resolute in my care and kindness.
I am steadfast in my character.
I am tenacious in achieving my goals.
I am constant.
I am real. Temporary goals or words never deceive me.
I am discerning and wise.
I am calm and tolerant.
I am constant.


I am bright and beautiful.
I am wise and bold.
I am humble and strong.
I am constant
I am constantly growing, learning, adapting …
I am living!
I am Constant
I am brave
I am courageous.
I am free. I am stable. I am Solid. I am…. I am…becoming constant with daily practice.

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    • Wonderful πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ it makes me happy if the post help UPGRADE your feelings. It is so important to rise our thoughts and feelings , with a tool box of affirmations. Helps us bring ourself up should we be down. It helps us stay up and a float, even to be a strong swimmer in the waves of life.

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