Love Yourself First.

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The airplane safety video advises us to put our oxygen mask on first before helping others. Why? We are more helpful to others when we ourself are healthy and can breathe.

In the same way, if I fully love myself first, then I can love others without being dependent or clingy. I can provide support and compassion. I can be of help.


Conversely, if I don’t love myself, then I am clingy, dependent, lack courage, easily swayed and without an opinion. These behaviours can be devastating to ourself and in our relationships with others, friends, families, partners, spouses etc.

Learn to love yourself first not in an arrogant way. In a precious, caring and whole way. Then you will be helpful to yourself and others. Then you have truly worn your oxygen mask on first.


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30 thoughts on “Love Yourself First.

  1. Only recently, a few years back, that I learnt this lesson, it isn’t an easy one, somethings I’m sad for all the opportunities I had let go because of lack of self-love. At least, I’m glad now I know it.

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    1. Hugs, Better late than never as the saying goes. I often find we learn lessons when we are ready and not before. We might feel in hindsight, I wish I knew this before. But, if we truly look at ourself, our story and ask ourself – would I have understood this lesson back then ? And I know when I do this exercise on whatever situation – I know – I know – I would not have understood back then. Because, in life we are always learning and growing, so what I am today – I wasn’t back then. I hope this makes sense.

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  2. True words indeed and so often as we focus on loving others we forget about the importance of loving oneself! My favourite book ‘Psychocybernetics’ by Maxwell Maltz emphasises this message in a sense by saying that your self-esteem is so important.

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  3. This is really good advice, I’ve felt obliged to help others at the expense of myself – when I first learnt about the importance of self-care I noticed a massive difference in my usefulness- being less of a burden to others.

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    1. You make a great point. Thank you for sharing your experience. When we are not physically, emotionally comfortable in ourself – and we don’t refill our battery; if we help others in that state we eventually fall apart ourself.

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    1. Yes it is so important. I think valentine’s can bring about a ridiculous pressure.sometimes. We need to be kind to ourself, and not take to heart societies pressure or what the norm is. Knowing ourself is the greatest gift we give to ourself.

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      1. thank you. I write for myself but feel like others can learn from my writings so I’ve never opened comments as a way to keep negative out. I’m going to repaint it so stay tuned.

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