Dealing with Difficult Situations with a Mindset Change

Change the way you look at difficulties in life.

Every ‘disaster’ in your life is NOT so much a disaster, as a ‘Situation’ waiting for YOU to ‘change’ it. You Say: “But does this apply to MY illness, MY Bills and My drunken husband?” You bet it does. – Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews

If I learn to see every disaster as an opportunity to grow, change and adapt, life becomes so much easier to live. When we fight change and challenging situations, we create pain, frustration, and vibrate negativity in our life; thereby manifesting more negativity in our future life.

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If we see difficulties as a growth opportunity, life becomes one big learning curve, and I become happier. Why? Because the more I grow, the more I adapt, the more I win against the odds, the stronger I become in living my life. I become more resilient. And, I gain in myself self-confidence that allows me to be my own ‘rock’. Sometimes we get fed up of fighting life.


Our life is not a statue in a museum. We are living and breathing, and this means life will provide us with opportunities to grow.

If I choose to stay in the same place, I become smelly and stagnant!


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