Friday Thought – Being Normal

If you are always trying to be NORMAL you will never know how AMAZING you can BE – Maya Angelou.

Be you. Be yourself. Be Great. Be Brave. Live your dream. Make your dream. Baby step at a time, build your world, build your greatness. Live full. Live bright. Make your life. Don’t settle for Normal. Be you. Be bright. Be amazing. Don’t Settle. BECOME AMAZING, BECOME BRAVE, BECOME MOTIVATED, BECOME YOU. Dare to be you. Dare to be different.



Image taken from Pixabay and used to design quote.

Creating Graphics for Your blog, Instagram, Twitter

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24 thoughts on “Friday Thought – Being Normal

  1. I’ve discovered that as I get older, it gets easier and easier to not try to be someone else. I never felt comfortable, anyway, trying to be someone I’m not. It would just make me miserable–I didn’t want to be me, but I really didn’t want to be someone else either. Nor did I want to be “normal” i.e. boring but I didn’t want to be weird either. It gets easier to accept being unique as the years go on, I think. But I also think all people are unique. They just don’t try or are afraid to express it. And that’s what’s boring.

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  2. Good post I am here realizing that it is ok to be scared, fear and feel hopeless sometimes. The whole reason I don’t want to be scared leads to not feeling normal. Who is normal any way.

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    1. Yes sometimes we feel vulnerable. Being that way sometimes is okay. We generally snap out of it as time passes and our confidence grows. I think the danger is in trying to be like other, comparing and trying to fit into that. That is when we stop being ourself. I also don’t think to be in fear and worry constantly is good for us, and we need to find our courage and happiness, daily. But that fear isn’t when we compare to others, it is a fear we can’t handle life, but we can handle life. Yes who is normal and what is normal? You are right.

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      1. Good points I am saying that many times well I meditate when I feel uncomfortable and that helps me walk through the feelings and reach to a stronger understanding. You said it happy is a verb we have to find happiness because it is there in ever single day and lesson. Happiness is this always feeling smiley and sometimes sad moments remind you how amazing life is.

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